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We Are Property, founded by Jeroen Waalder, is a real estate agency that aims to bring humility and honest transparency back into the industry. With 17 years of experience, Jeroen is a skilled and experienced agent who is dedicated to marketing your home to the highest standards, aiming to achieve the best price possible.

Jeroen has a deep understanding of acreage properties, having lived, and worked in Jimboomba for over 35 years. This passion for acreage properties sets him apart from other agents in the area. While all agents can sell acreage, Jeroen's experience and knowledge in this field give him a unique advantage.

We Are Property operates as a mobile/home-based agency, utilising the power of the internet to sell homes. The agency lists properties on major real estate portals as well as smaller independent websites. Recognising the importance of visual marketing, they have partnered with an experienced photographer who has a degree in cinematography, allowing your house to stand out from the competition.

Being a home-based agency allows We Are Property to offer flexibility with their commission rates. They are willing to beat any other agent's quoted fees while maintaining the quality of service and achieving excellent results. By reducing overhead costs, they pass on the savings to their clients, ensuring more money in their pockets.

When you choose to list with, We Are Property and Jeroen, you have the advantage of dealing directly with him throughout the entire process. There is no passing off to a personal assistant or a new agent. This direct interaction fosters a strong working relationship, ensuring that you work together to achieve the desired result.

The agency prides itself on being customer-focused and result-driven. They believe in a cooperative working agreement where clients are actively encouraged to participate in the decision-making process. There is no pressure or forceful tactics to make clients agree to anything they're not comfortable with. We Are Property recognises that it's your property, and they are there to advise you and market your home to find the perfect buyer.

With a track record of 75% of their business coming from repeat clients and referrals, We Are Property relies on their results and positive word of mouth. They do not engage in intrusive marketing practices such as billboard advertisements or excessive promotional materials. Instead, they let their success and reputation speak for themselves.

If you believe that We Are Property is the right agency for you and you're considering selling your property, you can reach them by calling 1300 85 30 45 or contacting Jeroen directly at 0432 687 175. Alternatively, you can email them at [email protected].



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